DNSimple platform

Build the next generation of domain management

What is this?

DNSimple will be accepting the submission of applications for review for inclusion in their Addon Catalog and Platform. This site contains information on getting started with the development of your own addons as well as information on submission of addons for review.

Why should I care?

DNSimple is the domain management service of choice by developers and companies throughout the world. With nearly 20,000 active subscriptions and 200,000 domains under management, you could make setting up your service on a custom domain as easy as a couple clicks for a bunch of companies or simplify the lives of thousands of developers in ways we haven’t dreamed of yet.

How can I build the next great DNSimple Addon?

The first step to building the next great DNSimple Addon is to gain familiarity with our API or one of the several clients we keep up to date with it. We have also compiled a few notes on how to get started with building your own addon.

If you’ve got an idea of how you want to build your addon and want to start the review process, send us an email at addons@dnsimple.com and we’ll be happy to help you on your way!