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DNSimple Platform Developer Center

Welcome to the DNSimple Platform Developer Center!

This is the documentation you should follow to:

This site is structured in 3 sections, as you can see on the left sidebar:

  1. The Platform

    In The Platform section you will learn about what the DNSimple Platform is all about and why you should care about it. It also introduces the concept of add-ons and provides several ideas of some add-ons you could build.

  2. Add-ons: Getting started

    This part of the developer center is all about getting you up to speed as fast as possible.

    First it guides you through basic setup so you can start writing code as soon as possible. Then, by walking you through a sample application called Hello Domains, you will have a DNSimple Platform add-on working on your machine in no time. You have several languages and technologies to choose from for this walkthrough.

  3. Add-ons: Reference

    The Add-ons: Reference provides details for a variety of topics related to add-on development. If you have any doubt at any point while working on your add-on, this is the place you should go to. It provides answers or points you to other documentation sites under the DNSimple umbrella where you can find answers. It also covers what you need to accomplish if you want to publish your add-on on the DNSimple Add-on Catalog.