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About the platform

What is the DNSimple Platform?

The DNSimple platform is a combination of APIs, tools, and documentation to help developers create and market add-ons that simplify connecting domains to other services and enhance the customer’s domain management experience. By developing add-ons for the DNSimple platform, you have access to nearly 20,000 active subscribers, with close to 200,000 domains under management, with those numbers growing on a daily basis.

Whether you run an existing SaaS company and are looking for ways to ease the connection of custom domains with your service, or you are developing a new business that can take advantage of custom domains and SSL integration, the DNSimple platform provides you with the tools you need for integrating domain management automation.

What is included in the DNSimple Platform?

The DNSimple Platform includes:

How do I get started?

If you’re ready to get started, read our introduction to add-ons, which explains what an add-on is, how to get started with developing your own add-on, and ideas of add-ons you could build today.