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Examples of add-ons

To grasp a sense of how add-ons work, it’s often easier to see some production code. That is why we have collected some add-ons which we have built open source on this page.

Hello Domains

The idea of the “Hello Domains” applications was we wanted to bring Hello World to building add-ons for the DNSimple platform. It’s a “bare minimum” to get a list of domains in an account using the OAuth2 flow and the official DNSimple clients.

But to save you from writing a lot of boilerplate code, we provide a handful “Hello Domains” applications in a variety of languages and frameworks already—so you can find a stack you have experience in or you are curious to learn.

Getting started with “Hello Domains” in:

Open source add-ons

The add-ons from the DNSimple add-on catalogue are open source on GitHub. So you also have some more built-out examples on how add-ons could work.

Also, they are all implemented in different ways with different stacks…Even though we have to admit there are a bunch in Elixir.

Heroku Connector

Connect your domains to Heroku – built with Elixir & Phoenix

This add-on does not only connect your domains, but also adds SSL certificates if present. It uses ProstgreSQL and Ecto to store connection data.

Check it out on GitHub

GitHub Pages Connector

Connect your domains to GitHub Pages – built with Elixir & Phoenix

This add-on is a fully automated way to connect a domain to a GitHub pages repo (including the CNAME file).

Check it out on GitHub

Digital Ocean Connector

Easily connect your DNSimple domains to your Digital Ocean Droplet – built with Elixir & Phoenix

This add-on comes without a database, stores data in the session, and fetches everything from the APIs.

Check it out on GitHub