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Getting started: common bits

Welcome to the Getting Started tutorial for building add-ons for the DNSimple platform.

This guide goes through the necessary steps to get one of the Hello Domains applications running on your machine. These applications mimic the usual Hello World code that you may write whenever you are testing a new programming language, and are the starting point for any developer that wants to build an add-on for the DNSimple platform.

Once you have gone through this tutorial you will:

Having accomplished all this, you will be ready to develop the program and add features to your heart’s content.

This section covers the steps you have to go through no matter what language you are using. This is the first stop to getting started with the DNSimple API and with building add-ons.

The Sandbox Environment

For the purposes of this tutorial you should use the DNSimple Sandbox Environment.

Note that you could follow the tutorial using dnsimple.com if you want, but that will require you to have a paid account. We encourage you to use the Sandbox Environment even if you do, as you will be able to play with the API in a safer way: no unwanted domain registrations or resolution issues can happen if you do the wrong thing in the sandbox.

Creating an account

The first thing you need is a Sandbox Environment account.

Creating an OAuth application

All add-ons must use OAuth for authentication purposes. To be able to authenticate, you will have to create an OAuth application on the Sandbox Environment.

Make sure to keep the client_id and client_secret close by as you will need them soon enough.

Next steps

That is all the housekeeping you needed to do. Time to start writing code: