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Getting started: Ruby and Rails

This tutorial covers how to get the Rails “Hello Domains” app ready and running on your machine.

Make sure to have followed the previous steps which are common to all languages and technologies.


You need to install Ruby with OpenSSL support, as well as SQLite. At this point you’d also need to have Bundler installed (gem install bundler).


Clone the repository with the example Hello Domains project:

git clone https://github.com/dnsimple/hello-domains-rails.git
cd hello-domains-rails

Now, take the Client ID and Client Secret that you have generated in the previous steps and use them as arguments for the bin/setup command. For instance, let’s say that your Client ID is 006f7a12260c53dc and the Client Secret is rTOhqx0PwdgxEGQiuVAsYFI60kj5Wrma, run the command like this:

./bin/setup 006f7a12260c53dc rTOhqx0PwdgxEGQiuVAsYFI60kj5Wrma

This command installs the Ruby gems, sets up the databases, and the DNSimple and the session secrets.


Now start the server:

bundle exec rails server

With the server still running, visit http://localhost:3000 and click on Sign up.