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To start building an add-on there are a few requirements that you have to fulfill.

Please keep in mind that despite these requirements, you don’t need to spend money to develop an add-on: you can use the Sandbox Environment for free and without a credit card to start developing your add-on today.

Active account

Every add-on interacts with the DNSimple API. To use add-ons, you will need an active account with DNSimple.

API version

All add-ons must use the latest stable version of the API. Currently that version is v2. Older versions of the API cannot be used since they do not support OAuth, which is the only valid authentication mechanism for add-ons.

API authentication

All add-ons must rely on OAuth as their authentication method. Even though there are other ways of obtaining access tokens to perform API calls on behalf of users, only OAuth can be used within the DNSimple Platform.

Tools and documentation


These websites contain useful information to help you develop your add-on:


You have a set of official API clients ready to use to build add-ons:

Sandbox Environment

The Sandbox Environment is a replica of dnsimple.com. You can set up an account, register fake domains, and use all API features without spending any money.

Setting up a Sandbox account

Setting up an account in the Sandbox Environment is very similar to setting up an account on dnsimple.com:

  1. Visit the signup page on the Sandbox Environment and fill in the form.
  2. Choose one of the plans as all of them provide access to the DNSimple API.
  3. Activate your account. Use 1 as the credit card number so all payments are successful. You can specify any expiration date in the future and a CVV value of 111.

Using the Sandbox Environment from an official DNSimple API client

The official API clients target the DNSimple production environment API by default.

The base_url client setting allows you to customize this behavior: