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Publishing your add-on

Transitioning to production


If you are reading this you have probably finished developing your add-on. That’s great news. The DNSimple team is looking forward to seeing what can be achieved with your creation!

Since your add-on is ready for production, you should switch from the Sandbox Environment to dnsimple.com. Even though you could simply update the configuration, we strongly advise you to deploy a new instance of your add-on. You can keep the existing one as the environment to debug issues or test new features.

Review requirements

Now that your add-on is ready for production, make sure to double-check the requirements that it must fulfill to be added to the catalog. If you only had an account on the Sandbox Environment you will now have to create one on dnsimple.com.

Create a new OAuth application on dnsimple.com

Simply follow the same steps to create an OAuth application on dnsimple.com instead of the Sandbox Environment. Make sure to update the configuration so the add-on uses the new production client_id and client_secret.

Configure the DNSimple API client to point to production

Since your add-on was using the Sandbox Environment, you should now update the configuration to makes calls against api.dnsimple.com.

If you are using one of the official API clients, update the base_url setting to: https://api.dnsimple.com.

Make sure to do the same for any other API your add-on interacts with.

Configure the DNSimple API client with a custom User-Agent

Each add-on must use a custom User-Agent header for DNSimple API calls. This will help us verify that your add-on behaves as expected.

Customizing the User-Agent header is easy if you are using any of the official API clients:

Submitting your add-on to the catalog

Once your add-on is production ready you can choose to publish it on the DNSimple catalog. If your add-on is for personal use or company use you can skip this section completely. Just in case, here are some reasons why you may choose to submit your add-on to the DNSimple catalog.

Collecting the data

This is the configuration data, copy, and artwork that you have to provide to publish your addon:

Sending the data

Once you have put together all this information, send it to support@dnsimple.com. We will review your submission as soon as possible and work with you to get it on the DNSimple catalog!