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The DNSimple API

Before you can access any resource from DNSimple on behalf of a user, you need to retrieve an access token. Every add-on must use OAuth in order to gain an access token. Please see the Authentication section to learn how to go through the OAuth flow.

Introducing the API

DNSimple provides a RESTful HTTP API, you can access it at https://api.dnsimple.com. You can also find detailed API documentation at the DNSimple Developer portal.

Accessing DNSimple resources

To access a resource on behalf of a user, you need to authenticate a request using an access token that belongs to that user. For example, listing all domains in a account:

curl -i "https://api.dnsimple.com/v2/12345/domains" -H "Authorization: Bearer U3LKgVsmUjflHBX15UMGe7D4HyXoo6Y0" -H "Accepts: application/json"

Receive updates from DNSimple (webhooks)

Webhooks are used for receiving notifications via an HTTP request whenever an event occurs in a user’s DNSimple account.

You can create these webhooks on a user’s behalf using the API.

Please refer to the DNSimple Webhook API documentation for further details.